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Learn how to work wherever & whenever by writing blogs, emails, websites & social media captions.




You're tired of waking up at 6am and hurrying around to get out the door for work. Once you're there you are dreading every minute of it, waiting for the clock to tick to 5pm.


You aren't getting paid enough, you're staying until the sun goes down, and you live for the weekends. 


The weekends go by too fast, and the cycle starts again. 


Is this really what life is about? Working your life away just to pay off the bills that never seem to disappear.


NO freaking WAY! 


My name is Bailey Petrucelli and I knew life had more to offer me than this hamster wheel of a lifestyle. 


I wanted to stay home with my newborn, travel the world when I wanted, make my own schedule, and be my own boss. I was tired of working for a company determined my pay (which was based on years of experience and schooling rather than my actual results).


I had tons of schooling, but because I had to climb the corporate ladder, It would've taken me YEARS to bring in the income that I needed to live my dream life. 


So, I went on the search for remote jobs that I could do from anywhere. 


Eventually, I found copywriting. 


Not to be dramatic but... IT CHANGED MY LIFE. 


After 3 months I was making my goal income and after 6 months I was making around $8k/month. (I know...I would have NEVER imagined this was possible either, trust me)


I'm now able to have slow mornings, enjoy my coffee, do a mid-day yoga session, cook myself a big healthy breakfast and lunch, and pick my kiddos up early from daycare and play outside with them....ALL WITHOUT FEELING STRESSED AND BURNT OUT. 


I can visit family members who live 3 states over whenever I want, and I can pack up and travel to a new city without having to ask permission from my boss. 


Now I want to show YOU the exact steps that I took to create this amazing life, so you can have it too!




With More Freedom!

  • The Ability to Work From Anywhere

    With copywriting, all you need is your laptop and WiFi! If you have that, you're set! No need for a fancy computer or special programs. As long as you have Google Docs (which is free by the way), you could start your journey to becoming a copywriter today. 

  • More Time Back in Your Day

    No more working 8 or 12 hour days! Okay, seriously... how do people do that? As a copywriter, you can work a minimum of 4-6 hours a day and make a significant income (I show you how this is possible in the free copywriter course). You can finally enjoy those summer evenings walking along the beach, or going for a mid-day walk in the bright sunshine. 

  • Consistent and Stable Income Every Month

    I show you how you can become a business owner, rather than a freelancer, who is begging for jobs. It's all about positioning yourself as a professional! You will be able to charge high rates, unlike many writers who are just scrapping by. You can have enough income to finally pay off your student debt, and be able to afford your favorite guilty-pleasure purchases (hello, monthly massages and organic chocolate!).

  • The Choice to Work with Companies You Truly Believe in

    No more working for crappy, big corporations that just take advantage of people. As a copywriter, you get to decide who you work with. You get to choose ethical and compassionate brands that you love and believe in! 



What you'll receive:

Over the course of 4 days, you'll receive 4 mini video lessons on how to become a copywriter.

  • Video 1: What is Copywriting & Would You Be Good at it?

    You'll learn what exactly copywriting consists of and what you'd be writing day to day. Don't worry, you don't need any prior experience to be a copywriter!

  • Video 3: My Secrets to Writing Good Copy

    I give you tips on how to bring value to your work so you see results and your clients are happy!

  • Video 2: Can You Make a Good Income as a Copywriter?

    I'll break it down to show you how you can make a sustainable and reliable income as a copywriter, and how you won't have to work your day away to do it!

  • Video 4: How to Start Your Copywriting Biz

    I give you action steps to take to help kick start your copywriting journey. I give you 3 main things you need to do to start making some moolah!

You can do this just like I did. 


I'm no one special. I wasn't an expert in anything, but I believed in myself. 


I knew that if I put in hard work, it would pay off.


You landed on this page for a reason. You are ready to take action and take control of your life. You know life has SO much more to offer you. 


Don't get me wrong, copywriitng takes some hard work up front. But once you get a couple clients under your belt... you're golden!


Soon you'll be able to:

  • Wake up late and not have to worry about rushing to work
  • Work at a cute cafe while sipping on a mocha latte
  • Take a hour break for a walk by the water to decompress
  • Afford those expensive treats without feeling guilty
  • Help your family out with their finances


Other people are doing this from their laptops all over the world... why can't YOU??

I really enjoyed your first video, I’m looking forward to learning more! This feels like a really solid first step in getting my freedom. 

Thank you for making this accessible. 


Start building your dream life of freedom

Learn how I was able to quit my full time job, stay home with my newborn, work half the hours, and make more money than I ever thought possible. 


    I'm Bailey Petrucelli!

A few years ago I was pregnant, hated my job, had $500 to my name, and had mounds of student debt. I felt stuck...until I found copywriting


It changed my life.


My course shows you the exact steps I took to get where I'm at today. (I just wish I had someone telling me these things about copywriting sooner! - hence why I made this course!)


Are you ready to change your life for the better?


My hope is that you find freedom as a copywriter, so you can live your dream life, whatever that may look like. 


Join me and thousands of others who are making a thriving copywriting career at home. 


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