Working from home has never been more of a possibility than it is right now.


Are you exhausted from waking up to go to your 9-5, just to work your days away to make someone else rich, and getting paid pennies for it? You get home when the sun is down and hardly have time to enjoy life.



Is this really what life is about?


No way!


       Imagine being able to:

  • Spend more time with your kiddos

  • Quit your draining job

  • Bring in extra income every month

  • Travel whenever you want

  • Make your own schedule

  • Take a yoga class or go for a walk mid-day when the sun is actually out

  • Buy organic groceries without feeling guilty

  • Prioritize your mental health

  • Spend time with family and grandparents who are getting older


I want to show you how it’s totally possible to work a couple of hours a day (wherever and whenever), make a reliable income, and actually have time and the freedom to live life to the fullest!


Let me tell you about the dream job you never knew existed... a COPYWRITER!


With More Freedom!

  • The Ability to Work From Anywhere

    With copywriting, all you need is your laptop and WiFi! If you have that, you're set! No need for a fancy computer or special programs. As long as you have Google Docs (which is free by the way), you could start your journey to becoming a copywriter today. 

  • More Time Back in Your Day

    No more working 8 or 12 hour days! Okay, seriously... how do people do that? As a copywriter, you can work a minimum of 4-6 hours a day and make a significant income (I show you how this is possible in the free copywriter course). You can finally enjoy those summer evenings walking along the beach, or going for a mid-day walk in the bright sunshine. 

  • Consistent and Stable Income Every Month

    I show you how you can become a business owner, rather than a freelancer, who is begging for jobs. It's all about positioning yourself as a professional! You will be able to charge high rates, unlike many writers who are just scrapping by. You can have enough income to finally pay off your student debt, and be able to afford your favorite guilty-pleasure purchases (hello, monthly massages and organic chocolate!).

  • The Choice to Work with Companies You Truly Believe in

    No more working for crappy, big corporations that just take advantage of people. As a copywriter, you get to decide who you work with. You get to choose ethical and compassionate brands that you love and believe in! 




Start building your dream life today

Learn how I was able to quit my full time job, stay home with my newborn, work half the hours, and make more money than I ever thought possible. 


    I'm Bailey Petrucelli!

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